Granville Police Arrest Man Accused of Breaking into Homes, Attacking Man


A man accused of breaking into homes and attacking a homeowner with a rock is behind bars.

Granville police said they arrested Stanton Deeley Friday morning, just days after he was released from prison for similar crimes.
Jim Desapri showed 10TV the staples in his head. The physician said he had just returned to his Elm Street home Tuesday night when he was attacked.

Desapri said he got just a few steps beyond his door when he looked right into his study and saw the suspect standing there.

Desapri said he told the man to leave. When he turned around to go back into the garage, that's when he said the man hit him with a flashlight and then smashed his head with a rock from his garden.

"I just was yelling at this guy, 'I have a son, just let me go! Get the hell out of here! I have a son'," Desapri said.

Granville police says two days later Deeley walked into an unlocked apartment.

16-year-old Malcolm McFadden said he was taking his instrument out of his closet when he saw Deeley's hand.

 "All of the sudden, I saw this white hand falling down, and I said dude, what, and ran back and was screaming, yelling, swearing so bad," McFadden said.

Neither Malcolm nor his grandparents, who were also in the apartment, were hurt.
Jim Desapri said he feels better knowing the guy who was in his house is now off the streets and behind bars.

Police tell us they found Deeley Friday morning in the same area as the break-ins.

Police sent a text alert to residents notifying them of the arrest.

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