Granville Closes Legal Marijuana Loophole

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Medical Marijuana is once again illegal in the community of Granville.

The community discovered a 20-year-old law allowing the drug for medical use.

The law went on the books when the state briefly allowed the use of medical marijuana in the 1990s.

Council voted Wednesday night to get rid of it but not without a fight from a handful of residents.

"With only one year left to live, he fought with all his heart and soul to try and overcome the impossible," said Granville resident Cameron Sesser.

He shared a story of a loved one who needed medical marijuana for severe pain.

"We researched and researched and eventually found a lot of the effects of cannabis counter the effects of chemotherapy," aid Sesser.

But the village attorney explained that's not what this issue is about. He said the medical marijuana measure no longer has legal effect because no local ordinance can undo state law, which doesn't allow it.

"As a member of this community, I find it extremely upsetting I could be considered a criminal when trying to be healthy and pain free," said Cindy Torch.

Several people pointed out 23 states now allow the use of medical marijuana and think it will soon come to Ohio.

"When medical marijuana comes to Ohio, will we be here again to bring it back?" said supporter Sam Rogers.

Their thought is, the law has been around for two decades and never noticed, why address it now?

"We can have it on our books and it may look like junk but it isn't, this is the beginning of what could be a big thing in Ohio," said supporter Carl Swift.

Residents asked for the matter to be put before voters but the council against that,

Council members pointed out getting rid of the ordinance doesn't take away anyone's rights and the discussion wasn't whether or not to support medical marijuana, they were just aligning their laws with the state's.

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