Grandview Police Investigating Another Report Of Man Exposing Himself

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A warning for women in Grandview Heights: The exposer, who had been terrorizing women in the area for more than a year, is back at it.

The latest incident happened on Goodale Boulevard near Oxley Road. This recent report makes 15 in a 13-month-span.

The female victim said she was walking along Goodale when she spotted a man run past her.

She said a short time later, that same man came out from between two buildings exposing himself.

Alison Day said the man didn’t show any sense of fear,

“He was not trying to hide himself from me. He knew what he was doing,” Day said.

The incident happened around 11 p.m. Thursday in a business parking lot.

Day said once she processed what was happening; she took off running, but not before getting a look at the man’s face.

She described the man as being about 6-foot-tall with a thin build and sandy blond hair. She said he appeared to be in his early 30s and had a chiseled face. He was wearing a black sweat suit.

Since June, 2013, Grandview police have taken 15 exposing reports. Three of the reports were taken this year.

10TV did reach out to Grandview police to ask what is being done to try to catch the exposer. They said these cases are a priority, and they are keeping extra patrol officers in the areas of the city where they’ve had reports.