Grandview Heights Police Ask For Information About Mother Found Murdered In Apartment

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Police say a woman was found murdered in a Grandview Heights home late Sunday.

Grandview Heights police say the woman, identified as Jennifer Cooke, was found dead in the 800 block of Woodhill Drive after officers went to the home to perform a wellbeing check.

Officers found the door unlocked and evidence of a possible robbery.

Police believe whoever killed Cooke entered through a back door, though there was no evidence of forced entry.

Police said the 35-year-old woman was found in a bedroom and was pronounced dead shortly after midnight Monday.

"My reaction is I want to get out of here," said neighbor Jennifer Davis. "It's really scary because you're not used to it. I grew up here, and it's not something you typically see."

Police said that the woman had attended and out-of-state concert prior to her death. They said they had located her vehicle with the keys in it at a separate location from the body. The vehicle was being processed for evidence.

Officers said that there were no suspects, but a number of people were being questioned in connection with the mother’s death.

Police said this was the first homicide in the city since 2000.

Anyone who had contact with Cooke after Thursday is asked to call Grandview Heights Police at (614) 488-3157.

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