Grand Jury Rules Ohio Teenager Death Was Accident


Ohio's Attorney General is revisiting the case surrounding the shooting death of Ohio teenager Jacob Limberios.

Three teenagers who were at a Sandusky County home when Limberios was killed will not face charges.

Two of the three young people, Brittany Bowers and Will Lewis, appeared on the Dr. Phil Show last week.  

They both saw 19-year-old Limberios die back 2012, when he was shot in the head at a small house party.

They say Limberios shot himself, but forensics suggested there was no way that could have happened, based on the angle of the bullet.  

Bowers and Lewis maintained their innocence even after they failed lie detector tests on the show.

Limberios' death was ruled a suicide.  

The investigation was reopened after Jacob's parents sued the coroner and challenged the ruling, saying they believe their son was accidentally shot.  

Around noon on Wednesday, a grand jury agreed with Jacob's parents, that it was an accident.  

But, they say it was self-inflicted, and therefore, no charges are expected against the teenagers who were there when Jacob was shot.