Governor's Plea After Heat Blamed On Central Ohio Deaths


At least three deaths in central Ohio were blamed on record setting heat, 10TV's Ashleigh Barry reported.

Earlier in the week, the Ohio National Guard made a number of welfare checks.  They noted areas for the Red Cross to check in on.

Red Cross Volunteers delivered food and water to the noted areas Saturday, but their relief  mission started days ago, answering phones and scheduling assistance throughout the state.

Governor John Kasich stopped by the Red Cross to lend his support.

"They are doing everything they can to make sure we have our communities engaged," Kasich said.

The biggest concern is the elderly in the high heat, but crews working on the rest of the areas still without power fought heat-related illnesses as well.

"These people are wearing a lot of protective gear. It's very hot for them to work on what they're doing and exert themselves the way they do," said Ohio's Department of Health Director, Dr. Ted Wymyslo.

The Red Cross planned to continue welfare checks until the heat crisis ended.

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