Governor John Kasich Declares State of Emergency In Toledo

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 Several labs are testing and analyzing water samples from Toledo after Governor John Kasich declared a state of emergency in Toledo.

Toledo officials issued a 'Do Not Drink and Do Not Boil' advisory early Saturday after tests revealed the presence of a toxin possibly from algae on Lake Erie.

No one is allowed to drink the water and health officials said boiling it only makes it worse.

The Ohio National Guard is delivering bottled water to the area along with several retail grocery chains including Kroger.

Saturday afternoon, the grocer diverted 27 trucks carrying 1.5 million bottles of water to Toledo.

The Ohio Environmental and Protection Agency sealed and packaged water samples before handing them over to the Ohio State Highway Patrol for quick delivery.

Three state patrol pilots flew the samples to labs across the state and country to find out if the situation is improving.

"We're trying to get as many eyes on this as possible so can make the right determination on when we can lift this and allow people to drink the water," said Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler.

The EPA said the water coming from the lake into Toledo's water plant had relatively low toxicity levels this summer until this sudden spike. At the moment, no one is sure how or why this happened.

"Are we surprised, in a way, that this lower toxicity level caused this problem? Yes, but we're not caught by surprise," said Governor John Kasich.

In Toledo, people are waiting in long lines and pillaging store shelves, trying to get their hands on safe drinking water.

Governor Kasich said workers with the Ohio Emergency Management Agency will be on the clock 24/7 until this is resolved.

"Hopefully we'll get this resolved sooner rather than later, but everybody knows how difficult is is to live without that precious water," said Governor John Kasich.

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