Gorilla Strolls Hallway At Columbus Zoo

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The entrance to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium was closed for about 45 minutes Tuesday morning while a gorilla strolled a hallway used by keepers.

Colo took advantage of an improperly secured door and walked through the hallway, according to a release by the zoo.

"At the time of the incident the zoo's veterinarians were in the adjacent break room discussing plans to give Colo her health check-up," said Zoo Director Jeff Swanagan.  "Colo apparently overheard them and decided to join the conversation."

SLIDESHOW: Images Of Colo

The gorilla walked down hallways and used a marker to write on a wall and a shovel handle, 10TV's Lindsey Seavert reported.

Kepepers tried to coax the 52-year-old gorilla back into her habitat with yogurt and a cup of Coca-Cola to no avail.  Less than an hour later, the gorilla returned to the exhibit.

Although the gorilla was secure within the building, the zoo staff asked visitors to leave the area and closed the zoo's entrance. Normal operations resumed after about 45  minutes, the zoo said.

Colo was born on Dec. 22, 1956. The Columbus Zoo is home to 14 endangered lowland gorillas, including Colo, her daughter Toni, grandson Mac, granddaughter Cassie and great-granddaughter Dotty.

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