Glouster Police Chief Indicted On 12 Counts For Allegedly Helping Wanted Woman

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An Athens County police chief was hired to uphold the law, but didn’t follow it, according to prosecutors.

The Athens prosecuting attorney Keller Blackburn says Glouster Police Chief Luke Mace used his office as a dating service. Mace’s date was a woman he was supposed to put in jail says Blackburn.

Luke Mace was arrested on suspicion of obstructing justice on Friday. By Tuesday morning, an Athens County Grand Jury indicted Mace on 12 criminal counts.

Prosecuting Attorney Keller Blackburn says Mace is accused of having a relationship with 23-year-old Hilary Hooper, who investigators say he met while on an OVI run back on March 28th.

"She hit a parked car, hit a fence and was not charged with that incident, nor was she arrested on an outstanding arrest warrant out of Perry County," said Blackburn.

Mace is also accused of lying to Village of Glouster Mayor Miles Wolf about the relationship, as well as using a hidden camera in his office while he interviewed Hooper and encouraged her to flee after investigators began asking questions.

Both were eventually arrested on May 23rd.

"I'm disappointed that this has happened, but I'm also proud of the fact that every time this happens, we catch them and it gets stopped," said Blackburn.

10TV has also learned there may have been sexual activity between Mace and Hooper in the chief's police cruiser, but authorities are waiting on a search warrant to prove it.

Chief Mace is out on bond and due back in court next week for an arraignment hearing.


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