Girlfriend Of Man Facing Sex Crimes Speaks Out


A man accused of sex crimes with a minor and taking another across borders is being held by Mexican authorities.

Stephan Cox, 26, was set to go to trial next week here in Columbus on sex charges involving a 14 year old girl from Pennsylvania.

Police said last week he fled to Texas and took a Roby Contreras, 14, into Mexico.

He's being held by Mexican authorities, as his family in Columbus struggles with feelings of disbelief and betrayal.

Contreras' family expressed relief Thursday at the news that authorities located Ruby in Mexico with Stephan Cox.      

They expressed rage toward Cox, the man police say seduced her online and took her from her Texas home.

The Columbus woman who calls Cox her boyfriend said she's not angry.

"I'm hurt. I'm confused," she said.

She's asked that we only identify her by her first name.

Becky says she and Cox have lived together for a year.

The Cox she knew was a gentleman and a caring boyfriend.
She said the first sign of trouble came in January, when a 14 year old girl from Pennsylvania knocked on her door asking for Stephan.     

"He said that her parents had kicked her out."

Becky said he told her he was trying to help the girl, who he identified as a family friend.

But that night, he didn't come home. Police found him with the girl and arrested him. They say they'd spent the weekend in a Columbus motel.

After two months in jail, Cox was released on house arrest.

Conflicted, Becky took him back.

"He'd say it was a mistake," she said. "He didn't mean to. He didn't know how young she was."
But last week, he would betray her trust again, when police say he cut off his ankle monitor and fled to Texas.

The same day he arrived, Contreras disappeared.

Becky says that's when she could no longer lie to herself.

"You want to believe they're innocent because you love them, but they're not. They're sick and they need help. I can't explain it. It was like a totally different person they were talking about on the news."

She now has a new word for the man she used to consider a gentleman: liar.

"Devastating. It's truly devastating to everyone. And unbelievable."

Authorities say Cox and Contreras are at a U.S. Consulate in Mexico.

They say the process of bringing them back to the US could take days or even weeks.

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