Gift Card ID Numbers Provide Lead In Car Break-In Case

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Many people will get gift cards this holiday season, but most won't think to write down the ID number found on the back.

One victim told 10TV News that she kept her gift card receipt and had the ID numbers, and it paid off.

"There's no recall on these if you don't have the number and it's a lot of money that people are carrying around," said Becky, who did not want her last name used.

She needed her receipt after her car was broken into three weeks ago. Gahanna police believe they now have pictures of the suspects that took Becky's purse from the vehicle.

"They had to do it pretty quickly, right through the windows," she said.

Becky says she lost about $400 in gift cards.

Police had no leads until Becky called Target and gave them her receipt number.

"They were able to tell me what time my card was used and at what register, so they could check the cameras," said Becky.

Now, authorities believe they have a photo of a person involved in the crime.

Becky said she plans to always write down the ID numbers on her cards from now on.

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