Gay Marriage Advocates Rally At Ohio Statehouse


Gay and straight activists united at the Ohio Statehouse for a pro same-sex marriage rally on Saturday.

The group said it was time to take a stand for equal rights, 10TV’s Danielle Elias reported.

“I have no rights now, and I want them, I deserve them,” said John Gouvas, a demonstrator.  “We are American citizens it should be legal to marry in Ohio.”

In 2004, Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment that banned same-sex marriage in the state.

Demonstrators at the Ohio Statehouse said they want to change the ban.

“We're constantly accused of wanting to redefine or destroy marriage,” said Tom Morgan, a demonstrator.  “That's the last thing we want to do. We want in on it.”

Morgan decided to use the rally as an opportunity to propose to his boyfriend of 14 years.

“We know that we cannot legally marry in Ohio. But no one can stop us from being engaged so that's what we did,” said Morgan.

The advocates were hoping state legislators would take notice of their rally and consider a new law in Ohio.

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