Gay Couple Told To 'Move Or Die' In Northeast Columbus


A northeast side couple said that they woke up to find hateful language spray painted in yellow on their home on Friday.

The pair woke up to find "Move or Die" followed by a gay slur spray painted on their Blue Cloud Lane home, 10TV News reported.

Investigators also found the word "Die" followed by a gay slur.

The couple said that the threats came hours after they attended a heated condo association meeting.

Police did not connect the meeting to the hateful language.

Investigators said that because of the threatening nature of the messages, the investigation will be turned over to the Strategic Response Bureau.

The Bureau investigates misdemeanor crimes. In the meantimes, the couple said that they fear for their safety.

"I mean, it's just cruel," said David Koch, homeowner. "It's juvenile, there's civil ways of handling things between adults, and this isn't it."

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