Gas Line ‘Redo’ To Affect 1,300 Columbia Gas Customers


Columbia Gas says it’s going to redo a project it completed last year, which means thousands of homeowners will have to deal with torn up lawns and construction crews in the streets again.

“Right in here, this was all torn up,” says Kay Benton, who remembers when crews came to her home about a year and half ago to install the pipe. “They put grass back, but I still have scars in the yard, says Benton.

The gas company says the fix is needed after the company discovered three leaks in their pipes.

The leak happened on piece called a “saddle” that sits on top of the line that feeds into homes.

“This is something we need to do in the interest of safety that we do have a reliable system and we don't have issues in the future,” says Steve Jablonski of Columbia Gas.

Columbia gas says it fixed those leaks, but feared others could appear in the future, so it decided to dig up all the pipes.

“All the testing we did that there were no foreign materials, no installation errors, it really doesn't give us a finger to point anywhere to say this is the absolute reason why we saw these leaks develop,” said Jabolonski.

The project will begin Monday near Como Avenue in Clintonville.

It will stretch from Longview Avenue to the north, Olentangy Street to the south and Pearl Avenue to the west.

The gas company says 1,300 customers will be impacted.

Benton said that she hopes this is the last time she sees gas crews on her lawn.

“If they get it right this time, all is forgiven,” she said.

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