Galion Police Officer Who Pleaded Guilty To Dereliction Of Duty To Return To Work


A Galion police officer put on paid leave after an investigation into property theft is going back to work.

Investigators said that John Bourne and his partner went to a Galion home to serve an arrest warrant.

Chief Brian Saterfield said they came across another man outside of the home and started talking to him.

"They started to dig in a little bit more and ended up following him inside, because he wasn't being as cooperative as most people would be, and determined there was some criminal action inside and made an arrest of the individual," Saterfield said.

The police report stated that the next day, the Crawford County Prosecutor's Office said no charges would be filed and advised the man be released and that any property seized be returned.

Records show that Bourne collected $731 in cash from the man at the time of the arrest.

"What was actually returned as $599," Saterfield said.

It was only a different of $132, but it was enough to launch an internal investigation that was ultimately turned over to the Crawford County Sheriff's Office to conduct a criminal investigation, the chief said.

10TV looked into Bourne's personnel fire.

It showed multiple suspensions and oral warnings.

According to the report, Bourne was suspended in May 2012 after he fell asleep on duty and crashed his cruiser into several posts at Galion High School.

Saterfield said that stealing is not in Bourne's character and wants the issue settled.

"Regardless of the individuals we are dealing with, if we seize property, we have to return it. We are accountable," the chief said.

Last week, Bourne pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty and was ordered to pay court costs.

Bourne was slated to return to work on Sept. 27.

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