Furniture Bank Of Central Ohio


No child or adult should have to sleep on the floor in Columbus, OH. Unfortunately, families struggling with poverty in our community are often doing exactly that – their meager homes or apartments are often unfurnished.

There’s a resource in our community dedicated to “turning empty houses into homes” – the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio. What began 16 years ago as a simple concept aimed at providing a few pieces of gently used furniture to families in need has become a national model for other cities to emulate.

The Furniture Bank’s mission is to provide free furniture to families and individuals struggling with poverty and other severe life challenges. The concept is simple – provide prompt free pick-up of gently used furniture for residents and businesses, schedule families within a week to come and pick out what they need to furnish their empty houses, and then deliver it to their homes within 2-4 hours. With this model, the Furniture Bank makes it possible for our community to quickly provide a “hand up” to these families in need, and re-purposes useable furniture rather than adding to the landfill.

Nearly all donated furniture ends up in a struggling family’s home with 2-3 days of pick-up. It makes an immediate difference in their daily life, and gives them new hope for a brighter tomorrow.

This year, the Furniture Bank will provide 15 pieces of furniture to more than 4,500 families in need, so they won’t have to sleep on the floor, and so they will be able to share daily meals at a table. We need nearly 70,000 pieces of furniture to do this, and you can help. Call us today to schedule your free furniture pick-up, volunteer to build kitchen and living room tables in our woodshop, or provide financial support.

With your help, fewer children and adults will have to sleep on the floor tomorrow in Columbus, OH.