Frigid Temperatures Present Hazard For Those Working Outside

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The bitter cold temperatures can pose difficulties, even dangers, to those who have to work outside.

Workers like Mike Vansickle were hoping temperatures would not drop this low.

"Not something I enjoy, but you know, you got to do it," said Vansickle.

Vansickle was unloading two trucks of drywall and plywood in what felt like 2-degree weather. The workers' goal was to get the job done fast and get out of the cold.

Firefighters in Lancaster also battled the cold, along with a fire at a Best Buy store.

The elements made it difficult with the firefighters' skin exposed to the cold.

There was also the ice, which caused one firefighter to slip and fall. It's just one more danger to an already dangerous job.

"Any water instantly turns into ice, so that brings the next hazard into play," said Capt. Tom Dempsey, Lancaster Fire Department.

The firefighter was not seriously injured.

On days like this, the weather does take its toll on those who have to work in it.

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