Friends Remember Mother Found Dead In Park

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Friends are remembering a woman found dead at a Blendon Twp. Park.

Police say someone killed Jane Juergens Sunday on a jogging park at Ridgewood Park.

"I heard her name and saw her picture and I was shocked," said Justina Miller.

The news flashed across the television.  Miller watched in horror.  Jane Juergens' youngest son, Matt, had lived with Miller at one point.  She is the sister of Juregens' ex-husband's current wife.

"I am just so sorry for Andrew and for Matt.  That's got to be a major blow to have your mother taken away from you like that," said Miller.

Miller praised Juergens for being a good mother and more.

"She had herself together, she put herself through college, she had a very good job,"  said Miller.

Police say Juergens was stabbed to death while out for a jog.  The suspect Jordan Stewart, 16, lives in a nearby group home and is well-known to police.

"I know she would go out for her runs often.  She was very active," said neighbor Haley Ford.

Juergens lived across the street from Ford.  Ford says she loved when their paths crossed.

"She stopped by and hung out with my mom and me for a couple hours and we just talked about life," said Ford.

Juergens gave Ford college advice.  She herself had recently made a big life change.  She talked to neighbor Judy Garling about it just hours before her murder.

She'd started her own business," said Garling.

After 22 years in HR for American Municipal Power, Juergens started a consulting business.

"She was very happy where her life was," said Garling.

Police came to the doors of Garling and other neighbors after finding Juergens car Sunday night.

"Very, very upset,"  said Garling.  "You never know when your time is going to come."


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