Friends and family awaiting answers in the murder of Westerville woman one year later

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For those who knew her best, Maribeth Quinn was the most caring co-worker they knew.

“She found the best in everybody," said a co-worker who asked to remain anonymous.

She worked with Quinn for three years in the IT department of Nationwide Children's Hospital.

“Her office is next door to mine so every day it's empty and it doesn't feel right," she said.

Inside Quinn's office, she wrote: "still miss you."

“I think a lot of people here just want answers because no one understands why anyone would want to hurt her,” she said.

Police said Quinn, who was 53-years old, was stabbed to death inside her apartment in the 5400 block of Carmichael Street on February 11.

When she missed work, Nationwide called her emergency contact who found her body the next day.

Quinn, her friends said, was in the midst of breaking up with her partner, and had begun seeing another woman. Her co-worker said she was concerned about this new relationship.

“She was going to see her new girlfriend, and when she pulled into the driveway the ex of the girlfriend flew in right behind her and followed up her right to the front door and the two of them stood on the porch and waited for the new girlfriend to answer the door and I told her that was scary,” she said.

Police are aware but could not make a connection to the murder. At the murder scene, police said there were no signs of forced entry and nothing seemed out of place. Police aren't sure if Quinn knew her killer.

This co-worker has a message for the person who took Quinn's life.

“If you have any shred of um decency come forward and tell us what happened and why,” she said.

Police said there was no surveillance that would have seen someone going into or leaving Quinn's apartment.

If you have any information about Maribeth Quinn you can leave an anonymous tip with the crime stoppers at 614-461-8477 or Columbus Police Homicide: 614-645-4730.