Friend: Phony Job Ad Was 'Tailor Made' For Craiglist Victim

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The family of David Pauley was still waiting to lay him to rest on Thursday after investigators found his body in Noble County in November.

Kenny Bryant was a longtime friend and Pastor of Pauley's. Bryant said that Pauley's family lives by faith, but wants justice, 10TV News reported.

Pauley, 51, was found buried in a shallow grave near Don Warner Road in Noble County after he responded to an ad for a job he saw on Craigslist.

"When he found this job on Craigslist, it was like a tailor made job for him," Bryant said. "It was a way for him to get back to Ohio and, you know, kept him employed."

Bryant said that Pauley's family contacted him and police after they lost contact with Pauley for several days.

"They thought there was foul play or at least they had some suspicious, or whatever," Bryant said. "I think the sister called the police and asked me to pray about it."

Soon Pauley's family learned their friend and brother was lured to his death with the promise of prosperity, 10TV News reported.

Brogan Rafferty, 16, was charged in Pauley's murder and for the attempted murder of 48-year-old Scott Davis, who was wounded, but escaped.

The FBI asked Pauley's family not to speak publicly about the case.

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