Friend: Man Who Threatened People At BMV Thought They Were ‘Satanists’

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A man appeared in court one day after he was arrested for allegedly carrying a concealed weapon and threatening to kill others.

William Gerkin, 66, of Hilliard is accused of threatening at least four people at the west Columbus Bureau of Motor Vehicles on Westpoint Avenue.

“He approached the victim, because he thought he was a Satanist. The victim retreated, and the suspect fled the scene,” court documents stated.

Gerkin told police he had been admitted to a mental health facility at least 40 times and has repeatedly purchased guns from a local gun store.

If Gerkin was deemed mentally ill by the court, Ohio law states that he would not be allowed to own a gun.

He also allegedly told police that if police followed him home, he would have to kill them, too, because they were also “Satanists.”

Tom Hagerty said Gerkin is one of his best friends.

“We all think of him as a gentleman,” Hagerty said.

Hagerty said Gerkin never threatened him but remembers him telling about being threatened by others.

“If he feels that certain people might be against him or send out negative vibrations, he describes that as Satanist,” Hagerty said.

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