Franklin Township Trustee Pressured To Step Down After Physical Altercation

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Pressure is on for a Franklin Township trustee to step down after he got physical with a colleague.

The incident took place behind the doors of the Franklin Township business office last week. 10TV spoke to the man in the middle of the situation, and he says it was a scary ordeal and the trustee that was the aggressor may want to step down.

Franklin Township Trustee John Fleshman is publicly wondering about the future of his fellow trustee, Tim Guyton, after he lost his cool at a meeting.  “When I saw him coming in, that's when I (saw) the other hand up,” Fleshman recalls.

In a video obtained by 10TV, Tim Guyton can be seen coming around the table and grabs 78-year-old trustee Don Cook by the neck.

Security camera footage of the altercation

Fleshman says it looked like Guyton was about throw a punch.  He says when he saw a hand go up into a fist, he knew it was going to be bad.  "I just knew a 78-year-old man is not going to sustain a punch.  I just knew it wasn't going to end good.”

Cook filed an assault report and told 10TV by phone he thinks Guyton should resign. 

As for Fleshman, he says that's a hard question to answer.  "In the end, it's got to be what's best for him and what's best for the residents,” he says.

Guyton said in a statement that he's not going anywhere.  "I have sincere regret over the incident and will work to correct my mistake. The Township voters elected me to represent them to the best of my ability. I plan to continue on that path in the best professional manner that I can."

Fleshman says he just wants voters to know the flare up was not acceptable and apologized to the citizens of Franklin Township.

The trustees are scheduled to meet again next week.