Franklin County SWAT Sweeps Central Ohio Looking For Felony Suspects

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UPDATE: One of the 16 suspects authorities were searching for - Keaun Simpson - has turned himself in to police.  Simpson was wanted for abduction, domestic violence and violation of probation.  Click on the slideshow to view the 15 other men wanted by authorities.  If you have any information, the number to call is (614) 525-SWAT. 


Three teams of Franklin County SWAT members crisscrossed the city looking for 16 men on Wednesday.

The men all had felony warrants for harming women and children in a variety of crimes, like Aggravated Robbery and Domestic Violence.

"The sheriff's office is trying to set the tone. If you're going to hurt women, hurt children - we're going to make you a priority for us to get,“ says Sheriff Zach Scott.

After striking out on several bad addresses, deputies got their first felony arrest.

Deputies say their suspect uses the name Pastor Ocho Gomez. They say he's charged with burglary at the home where his wife lives.

"Most of these warrants are out of violent offenses,” says Tim Longshore, a member of SWAT Team.

This is the first year that the Franklin County Sheriff's office has had a full-time SWAT team.

The sheriff says those who think they can outrun justice should be concerned.

"We're not going to give up," he says.

The sheriff's office says its SWAT team will be out until 8 p.m. on Wednesday.