Franklin County Considers Relaxing Urban Farming Guidelines


Franklin County Commissioners want to relax the rules on who can own some unusual pets at home.

“I call chickens pets with benefits,” said Rachel Tayse Baillieul, a Clinton Township resident. “We love our eggs; cheap easy protein.”

Having chickens is something the mother of two considers normal.

She has a chicken that her children embrace and nearly a dozen baby chicks.

Tayse said she moved from Columbus to Clinton Township, for looser rules on her animals, but so far it hasn’t been clear.

“I'm really glad to see that Franklin County is making an effort to regulate these in a way that will allow those of us who are already keeping them to be in compliance,” Tayse said.

Franklin County is working on relaxing the rules for keeping chickens, rabbits, and ducks in the townships and it all depends on the size of the homeowner’s land.

It’s a point-based system, which means Tayse, who lives on two acres of land, can have up to 16 points, which comes to eight chickens or ducks, or 16 rabbits, or a combination ... such as eight rabbits, two ducks and two chickens.

“We're not trying to start businesses here. We want people to be able to provide for their family,” said Franklin County Commissioner John O’Grady.

O'Grady said they've been working for years to develop a safe system of urban farming.

It’s up to the county leaders to finalize the guidelines, and for urban farmers to follow through.

Some people have expressed concern over the animal noise and the clean disposal of waste, but some homesteaders said it's similar to that of a dog. It just requires time, effort and some money.

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