Franklin County Board of Elections Debate Alleged Employee Time Card Fraud


The Franklin County Board of Elections wrestles with an issue 10 Investigates exposed.  It's holding a special session to figure out what to do about an employee who was claiming time card hours, even though he wasn't at the office.

Board members are meeting behind closed doors to review an internal investigation.  This started after 10 Investigates found discrepancies in Board of Elections payroll.

10TV tracked down the whereabouts of a supervisor following a tip investigative reporter Paul Aker received that the supervisor and others were cheating on their time cards.

10 Investigates found the supervisor claimed to be working, even though parking records weren't there.  10TV also followed him from his home on several occasions and found him going to work at different times.

In all, 10 Investigates found more 100 hours he claimed he worked, but couldn't be accounted for.

Now, the question the board is considering is whether he has a legitimate excuse or whether he deserves discipline.

Chairman of the Franklin County Board of Elections Doug Preisse says it is a serious matter.  “We want to make sure the taxpayers are getting their dollar worth from every employee.   At the same time, we have a longtime employee here because he works hard and does a good job, generally.  We're looking at all of the issues to come to the right conclusion.”

The board met for an executive session for several hours on Thursday but did not come to a decision.  However, one is expected sometime next week.