Former Youth Football Leader Accused Of Theft

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A former youth football leader is charged with a felony. He's accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the team.
Court papers outline the fourth degree felony theft charge against Brian McElroy, the former president of Elgin Youth Football.
The prosecutor says McElroy had been taking donation money and fees paid by parents from the team since 2005.
A forensic auditor was able to trace $18,000 taken but there was likely more.
All the team's equipment had to be taken as evidence so parents raised funds and voted in new leadership so the kids can play this year.
McElroy is expected in court August 20th.
The prosecutor says a bounced check raised red flags so he started investigating.
Documents show McElroy is claiming alcohol and mental illness are the reasons he took the money.
He's asking to be placed in an intervention program in lieu of punishment.
The prosecutor called the case really sad and is going after a sentence of jail time and probation.
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