Former Secretary Of State Powell Endorses Obama


A day after endorsing President Obama, former Secretary of State Colin Powell was at The Ohio State University on Friday.

Powell acknowledged that he had made news with his endorsement of the president, but asked that both sides be civil in their disagreements the next 11 days.

Powell spoke to the 5th annual Diversity and Leadership Conference at OSU.

He pointed out that a debate over ideas is healthy in a democracy, but the bitterness and divisiveness in Washington is hurting all of us.

"The message I have for the wonderful people of Ohio is take a look at the status of your state.  How do you think it's doing?  And vote accordingly, and not just for president but for your congress. We are the super people, there are no super men or women who are coming.  We the people have to decide how best to be governed," said Powell.

Powell also said that if the U.S. reaches a point where citizens prefer to destroy a person rather than debate a person, then we will no longer recognize America.

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