Former OSU Marching Band Director's Attorney Calls Firing Unfair


The attorney for ousted Ohio State University Marching Band director Jon Waters called the investigation into his client unfair.

Waters was fired on Thursday after a two-month investigation revealed a sexually-charged environment in the band and inappropriate rituals.

On Sunday night, his attorney, David Axelrod, spoke to 10TV about the university's action.

"Jonathan Waters is a fundamentally good person who at every turn has attempted to do the right thing. He loves Ohio State University. He bleeds scarlet and gray, but he can not and will not allow even his beloved alma mater to take away his good name," said Axelrod. "The report acknowledges that although the investigation went on for 60 days, they interviewed exactly four of 225 Ohio State University Marching Band members and of the thousands and thousands of alumni in the area, they interviewed exactly five. So, this report is incomplete and it's one-sided and it's been used to make Jonathan a scapegoat."

Axelrod said he does not know why his client was labeled the fall-guy.

"Well, I'm not sure there's a right guy to get rid of now. Jonathan inherited a culture that had gone on for years. You know, I'm not in a position to say what should have happened if anything with respect to his predecessors, but he was not the person to receive the type of treatment that he received," said Axelrod. "He's in shock, he's distraught, he's spending private time with his family trying to figure out what the next steps are."

Axelrod would not comment on the specific allegations in the complaint because he is continuing to review it, having just received it late last week.

Axelrod said Waters regrets not having more time to turn around what the university called the sexually charged culture of the band. Axelrod said it was something Waters was working diligently on and that he instituted alcohol abuse training, leadership training and sexual abuse training.