Former OSU Band Member Upset Testimony Was Not In Final Report


A former Ohio State University band member says she was interviewed as part of the marching band investigation but that much of her testimony never made it into the final report.

Jocelyn Smallwood loves the band. She was the first woman member to Dot The "I" at an OSU/Michigan game.

She says Ohio State interviewed her for its investigation into the alleged "sexualized culture" of the band.

"It's a really special, safe, welcoming environment is what I told them," Smallwood said.

But she told 10TV's Kristyn Hartman she doesn't feel that was reflected in the final report.

"That is not the band I've known for five years," Smallwood said. "So much that wasn't included or asked."

Smallwood added, "My problem is I feel it was not put together with adequate care and attention to the truth."

She says former director Jonathan Waters, who OSU fired, took the culture seriously.

She says she attended off-site training with the goal of "having a commitment to excellence on the field, off of it and to each other."

Smallwood also took issue that her rookie name, "Donk," made it into the report under sexual nicknames when she says no one bothered to ask her about it and whether she felt it was derogatory.

"Had they asked me I would have told them that's not how I view it," Smallwood said. "I've never felt threatened with the band. Quite opposite, it was a safe place."

Smallwood says when former attorney general Betty Montgomery does her investigation into the marching band's culture, she hopes it will be done with more care than the one that resulted in the firing of Jonathan Waters.