Former OSU Band Member Talks About Band Culture

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A former OSU marching band member is talking about the recent investigation that got their director, Jonathan Waters, fired.

Alexandra Clark says she didn't know anything about the investigation, until her name started popping up on the internet.

Clark spoke only to 10TV, saying she did not like the way she was mentioned in the report.

She said, "It was really upsetting to me to see a personal description of who I am or at least how the University views me in the report."

But it's not the band or the former director she blames for feeling victimized.

Clark says, " wasn't until I saw that report and saw how I was written about by Ohio State and their investigators and compliance department and saw how people on the internet were talking about me that I actually felt sexualized and degraded."

Clark adds that she never felt hazed or harassed in her time with the OSU marching band.

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