Former Inmate Says He Was Covered In Human Waste, Denied Medical Attention At Franklin Co. Jail


Robert Krutko calls his time inside a Franklin County Jail cell pure hell.

“I was pretty much put in a situation where I was covered in urine and feces for a number of days. I wasn't allowed to shower, wasn't allowed any medical attention the whole time I was there,” Krutko said.

Krutko says he was taken to jail in November of 2009 on a civil case out of Florida and was given no bond.

He says while in his jail cell with other inmates, the toilet began to overflow and when he awoke, he was covered in waste.

He says he and other inmates banged on the cell door for help, but says his pleas were ignored until he and other inmates began to push the waste under the door and he was released.

“During that time, the conditions were horrific,” said Krutko.

Krutko says he was moved to a medical facility, where he was denied a shower and water and was left to sit in his stained clothes.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment on the allegations because of pending litigation.

Krutko’s attorney says while it’s rare that judges allow lawsuits against municipalities, he believes this case is an exception.

“We've being fighting this whole time to make sure the truth is out there, and basically and stand up for Robert and stand up for this case,” said his attorney.

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