Former Doctor Sentenced To More Than 36 Years In Drug Death Of Pregnant Mother

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Dr. Ali Salim was sentenced to more than 36 years on Friday for the death of Deanna Ballman.

Salim, 45, pleaded guilty to rape and involuntary manslaughter charges.

The judge sentenced Salim to three 11 year consecutive sentences. He was also sentenced to an additional 40 months on other charges.

The judge called the case the "worst crime this court has ever seen."

Ballman, 23, was killed in July 2012. She was found dead of heroin intoxication in her car near Westerville. Ballman, a mother of two who was nine months pregnant, had responded to an online job ad that Salim placed. The Craigslist ad offered $200 in exchange for sex.

“Ali Salim, I have waited 17 months and 20 days for this day,” said Deanna’s mother, Lori Ballman. “What you did to my daughter while she was alive, is unspeakable and unthinkable.”

Attorneys for Salim acknowledge he recorded himself having sex with the incapacitated woman and later moved her body. They claim that she caused her own accidental overdose.

“You took my baby daughter. You took my baby granddaughter, for your own selfish, disgusting purposes,” Lori said.

Salim apologized to the court, and Ballman's family, calling his actions unethical, illegal and immoral.

“I know that no words that I can speak, ever, will ever take away the pain and suffering that the family of Ms. Ballman, Deanna, and Mabel will experience. But I do want them to know that I'm sorry,” said Salim.

Prosecutors said that Salim administered a fatal dose of heroin to Ballman and say she wasn't a drug user. They were asking for a maximum 37 year sentence.

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