Food Truck Revolution Provides International Business Boom For Columbus Man


A restaurant revolution has been underway for a while with food carts finding spots on city streets to compete with brick and mortar restaurants.

Jeffrey Morris is the nation's food cart maven. As president of All a Cart, he manufactures food carts and trucks for customers in the U.S. and abroad.

He started in the 1970's as "Morris the Florist" when Kroger asked him to supply fresh flowers to their stores.

"They needed merchandise, displays, other than just your standard refrigerators. So we built refrigerated flower carts," said Morris.

Food vendors took notice and wanted carts of their own.

The market increased, and Morris was asked to build trailers and trucks - an industry was born.

There are few finished trucks currently on his east-side property. Most of the trucks leave his factory the day they are complete. That's because there are no standard vehicles.  Each is built to order, partly because each use is unique, and partly because each city has different health regulations.

Morris said he starting to get orders from larger corporations who want to test a new product or new location.

Nevertheless, most of his business is from mom and pop companies, which include people trying to start fresh after being battered by a tough economy.

"There are many folks that are finding themselves out of work and they need a source of income. This is one way of going into business and starting a business fairly quickly," added Morris.

Morris ships all over the world, and recently got an order for one hundred food carts from Nigeria.

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