Flooding Closes Roads, Worries Residents In Fairfield County

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The melting snow is creating flooding issues across central Ohio and more areas could see flooding develop as rain works across the region.
Mt. Zion Rd. in Fairfield County’s Greenfield Township is under water.
”This has been an awful mess,” said Ardella Campbell, who lives up the road from the flooding.
Campbell has lived in Greenfield Township for about 30 years and says the flooding happens often. She says it is always inconvenient.
”Our school bus can’t come down here so I bring my grandson up to my house to catch the bus,” she said.
While being inconvenient is annoying enough, Campbell says the high water can also be dangerous.
She says she once saw a car get stuck.
”They (were) on top of the roof,” Campbell said. “We had to call to get help.”
She said another time an ambulance could not get to its destination.
”They had to turn around, re-track and go around to find another way to get to the house that’s just up over the hill here,” Campbell said.
Greenfield Township trustees have been quoted as recently as November that it would cost too much to raise the road.
10TV was not able to reach township trustees for comment at the time of this report.
“Unfortunately, my hands are tied,” County engineer Jeremiah Upp said about working on the road.
He says he wishes that he could help but that it is the responsibility of the township.
Upp says his crews have been busy putting up about a dozen “high water” signs across the county on Thursday.
He says his concern for the near future is the potential for flash flooding.
”If we get a big rain today, where’s it going to go? That’s the big concern we have right now,” Upp said.
Fairfield County EMA Director Jon Kochis shares Upp’s concerns.
Kochis urges motorists never to attempt driving through a flooded roadway.
”Turn around, don’t drown,” Kochis said. “It’s true. Just stay away from the flooded areas. Stay away from the creeks during flash flood events. It’s not worth the risk.”
With no hope for a permanent solution to the Mt. Zion Rd. flooding in the near future, Campbell says she’ll just have to patiently wait for the flood waters to recede.
”It’ll take maybe a good week or so before this will be gone,” Campbell said. “But we’re getting more rain so it won’t be gone very soon.”

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