Flooding In Chauncey Turns Roads Into Waterways

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Heavy rains over the past couple of days have created flooding issues across central Ohio.

One of the worst hit areas has been Athens County and the village of Chauncey.

SR 682 off 33 is completely underwater through the village.

"This looks like it's going to get to be one of the bigger ones we've had in a while,” said Chauncey resident Victor Mayles.

It is a flood so big and so bad that it has basically cut the village in half.

What used to be a main road for vehicles is now a miniature lake for boats.

"It just flooded everywhere,” said resident Dora Dains.

Dains lives in a house surrounded by water and says she had to call off work because she has no way of leaving home.

"I'm trapped, but the only way out is maybe a truck or a boat,” Dains said.

Some drivers have been ignoring the "road closed" signs and driving through the flooded roads, but Chauncey resident Will Spurlock has taken it upon himself to try to stop them.

Spurlock says that by avoiding the warning signs, motorists risk danger from the water and the potholes beneath it.

“There are 10 or 15 good-sized potholes, probably a good two-foot deep,” he said.

There is currently a bill in the statehouse that would make it illegal to drive through a flooded roadway when there are road closed signs posted.

The driver could also be fined up to $2,000 dollars.

Senate Bill 106 passed the Ohio Senate and is currently in the House of Representatives.

Its sponsors say they hope the bill is signed into law before the summer.