First Video Released Moments After Exotic Animals Set Free


The Muskingum County Sheriff's Office released new evidence on Friday from October's release of exotic animals from a man's property.

The evidence included reports and video detailing what happened after more than 50 exotic animals were released last month, 10TV's Andy Hirsch reported.

The reports detailed first-hand accounts of what happened that evening on and around Terry Thompson's exotic animal farm.

On Oct. 18 and 19, law enforcement personnel were forced to shoot 49 animals that had been released by Thompson and were a threat to public safety.

For the first time, video was released from the sheriff's cruisers.

In the video, a cruiser was seen pulling up to the farm after the sheriff's office started to realize the extent of the problem.

After briefly stopping, a deputy quickly moved to an area where other deputies were seen running down the road in a search for animals.

Several shots were heard being fired.  Deputies were given the order to make sure the animals did not escape from Thompson's property.

Autopsy results showed that Thompson shot and killed himself and was bitten and scratched by some of the animals on several parts of his body.

Deputies who attempted to reach his body saw a tiger "eating him," according to documents obtained by 10TV News.

A deputy estimated that Thompson's body was dragged about 20 feet from the spot where he shot himself.  Bolt cutters were also found next to his body.

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