First Pro-Kasich Ad From Washington Group Highlights Beer Law


It’s a campaign theme designed to warm the hearts of beer drinkers everywhere.

"One of the great things that happened is that in 2011, Gov. Kasich passed the law that we can actually open up a tap room," said Kathleen Dewey, owner of Mt. Carmel Brewing Company in Cincinnati.

The web ad produced by the Republican Governors Association highlights a new law that allows state microbreweries to open tap rooms and sell their beer by the glass without buying a second permit.

House Bill 243 was approved by lawmakers and signed by Kasich in December 2011.

The RGA ad does not point out that the amendment to HB 243 allowing microbreweries to open the tap rooms was offered by Democratic state representative Vernon Sykes.

“When it comes to government regulations, there were some laws dating back to prohibition," said Dewey in the two minute ad.  "The law did not allow us to have consumption on premise.  So people would come to the brewery to do a tour but they couldn't sample any of the beer."

In the ad, Kasich takes credit for cutting regulations for small businesses across Ohio.

"When the law changed, we were very excited - and we put a tasting room in, we built the bar in a day,” said Dewey. "Governor Kasich came down and had a beer with us which was a lot of fun.”