First Of Columbus Sextuplets Goes Home

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After two months in a hospital, the first of six babies born to a Columbus couple got to go home on Wednesday.

Mia and Rozonno McGhee got to take home one of their six babies, that is part of the city's first set of sextuplets, 10TV's Tracy Townsend reported.

At 2-months-old, Olivia McGhee was the first sextuplet to be released from the neonatal intensive care unit at The Ohio State University Medical Center.

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Born on June 9, Olivia McGhee was first known as "Baby F."

The sextuplets were the first set born in Columbus and were born in a choreographed delivery that had the babies lettered A through F.

"I am overjoyed, I'm just so happy she's coming home," said Mia McGhee.

Dr. Leandro Cordero said he expects Olivia's brothers and sisters to join her at home over the next few days.

"They are all making remarkable, remarkable progress," Cordero said. "Of course we are really attached to Olivia she's the one just starting the process."

"I like the process," McGhee said. "Them breaking us in at the home one by one, or a couple, it's not too overwhelming."

Olivia was the first baby allowed to leave, after gaining enough weight and mastering the ability to breath on her own.

The babies were born at weights ranging from 1.5 to 2 pounds. They now weigh between 3 and 5 pounds, Townsend reported.

Doctors said they do not want to keep the babies any longer than necessary and expect one of the McGhee's sons will be released within the next five days.

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