Fireworks Fans Show Up A Day Early For Red, White And Boom


By Thursday evening, downtown Columbus will be jam packed with hundreds of thousands of people for Red, White and Boom.

With a crowd that big, it's definitely a good idea to get there early.

Some people already claimed their spots Wednesday morning.

Hamilton Township resident Brian Newlen said he started setting up camp in the Veterans Memorial parking lot at 7:00 a.m. Wednesday.

"To make sure we have the best spot," Newlen said.

Newlen's camper and tents take up six parking spots. At $25 a parking spot per day, Newlen ended up paying $300 for his location.

"It's worth it," he said. "The whole family chips in."

Newlen said this will be the second year in a row he has watched the fireworks from what he claims to be the perfect location.

"You're looking straight up, the fireworks are everywhere. They're all around you. The boom echoing off the wall, you just can feel it. It just makes you feel so patriotic," he said.

Another man, who said he has never come downtown for the fireworks before, set up camp across the parking lot.

"I'm pretty excited actually," said Bill Oglesbee.

The Columbus resident said 30 to 50 friends will join him at his location for the fireworks display.

"I've watched it on TV. It looks pretty cool, but there's nothing like the real thing," Oglesbee said.

Fireworks fans were not the only ones getting ready for Red, White and Boom throughout the day Wednesday.

Columbus Police were making preparations too.

They were asking parents to fill out child identification forms in case their children get lost in the big crowd. Parents can drop their forms off at any of the five missing child booths that CPD will have set up.

Police were also recommending that parents use their phones to take a photo of their child the day of the event. That way, they can have a recent photo of what their child is wearing if he or she turns up missing.

Police reported 12 children were separated from their parents in 2013 at Red, White and Boom.

You can download the Columbus Police Child Identification Form