Firefighters, Insurance Company Hold Joint Training Exercise

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Space heater fires can spread quickly after they are sparked.

A training event on Friday demonstrated the damage that such a fire can cause. It also provided a lesson for firefighters and insurance adjusters.

Orange Township firefighters took part in the training that was put on by Nationwide Insurance.

The firefighters ignited the blaze, only to put it out.

“Anytime anyone uses a space heater, they need to use manufacturer’s recommendations,” said Matt Noble, Orange Township Assistant Fire Chief.

Nobel reminded space heater uses to never remove the safety cage, and keep the heat source three feet from anything that could burn.

Also, make sure the heater is turned off before you leave the room or fall asleep.

The training on Friday also provided Nationwide Insurance with a way to educate insurance adjusters.

“The role of our claims associate is to get you back to where you were,” said Pete Lore, Nationwide VP of Property Claims.

Lore said that adjusters will review video of Friday’s event and assess the damage.

“They are going to go in and look at the scope of the loss.  Are the floors hardwood? Do they have carpeting? What is the size of the room? Are the floors painted or do they have tile?” he added.
Adjusters and firefighters said they are working together for the same goal – to promote safety and prevent fires.

Statistics from the National Fire Protection Association show space heaters are involved in more than 19, 000 home fires each year.