Firefighters Found Themselves In Middle Of Clintonville Gun Battle

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Columbus firefighters who were caught in the crossfire of a deadly shootout earlier this week are talking about the scene that unfolded before their eyes.  

The gun battle, which left a woman and a man wanted for questioning in connection with a homicide dead, occurred just outside of Fire Station 19 in Clintonville Wednesday morning.

Firefighters said they were sound asleep on the second story of the firehouse when they were awakened by the sound of gunshots.  

They said bullets were flying just outside of their doors. Several of the firefighters' personal vehicles were damaged by bullets.

One truck owned by a firefighter was struck with 19 bullets. Officials said the bullets could have otherwise hit nearby homes.

On Friday, firefighters told 10TV that the scene that unfolded was surreal.

"It's just hard to process, everything you're seeing, feeling, hearing. Fifteen seconds earlier, you were in a deep sleep, and you wake up to popping sounds and you know it's very close, and it's gunshots," said Gary Greiner of the Columbus Division of Fire.

Firefighters said that two medics had just returned from a run to a hospital.

If the shootout had happened even two minutes earlier, the medics could have been caught in the middle of it all.

Lt. Ken Peters felt disbelief at the scene.

“Right outside my door was kind of surreal. It really was. It was a real wow moment if you want to call it that.”

Firefighters said they are grateful that none of them were hurt and that no police officers were seriously injured.

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