Fired Ohio State University Band Director Asks For Meeting With Board Of Trustees


The attorney for fired Ohio State University Marching Band Director Jon Waters wants a meeting with the Board of Trustees at the school.

David Axelrod says he is demanding Waters be put on the Trustees' meeting agenda.

Meanwhile, members of the band addressed the media for the first time about his firing. They discussed life in TBDBITL after Waters was fired.

Many of the band members who were made available to the media had good things to say about Waters.

"Jon was a great man."

"Jon Waters was one of my most important mentors."

"Amazing leader and fabulous music educator."

The band members descriptions are a far cry from the picture painted in the university investigation which blamed Waters for creating a sexualized culture inside the band.

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"It really hurts, because I know how good these students are, and we would not stand for things like that," said Drum Major, David Pettit. "Things in that report - I had never seen in my five years in band."

The band members also told 10TV that they don't understand why Waters lost his job.

"Absolute shock, confusion to this day, I still don't understand why he is the center person for this," said Zack Nellom, a fourth-year band member.

Richard Blatti took over the School of Music in July 2011. In that same year, he wrote a letter that said Waters frequently overlooked university fiscal policies, acted irresponsibly with funds entrusted to the OSUMB, and was driven by what audiences want to see rather than what the band needs.

The university says it never went back that far to examine Waters' performance, focusing from 2013 to 2014. But, it shows Waters was many things to different people.

President Michael Drake says his decision to fire Waters stands and is final.

Band members say they'd like nothing more to see him lead them onto the field.

"I would love to see him come back," said Lindsay Conckle a fifth-year band member.

An independent investigation into the band culture is also underway. That report is expected to be completed in October.