Fired Columbus Principals Vow To Fight District Decision

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Two high school principals fired by Columbus City Schools Tuesday night vow to fight the decision.

The school board voted to terminate former Linden McKinley STEM Academy principal Tiffany Chavers and Marion-Franklin Principal Pamela Diggs for their alleged roles in manipulating student records.

Diggs said she was just following instructions that came from the top down.

"Everybody knows what we were told to do and I didn't do anything wrong and I don't understand why I'm being thrown under the bus," said Diggs.

In January, Pamela Diggs learned Columbus City Schools suspended her from her principal position.

She also learned Columbus City Schools was moving to fire her  for tampering with student records ranging from attendance to grades.

Diggs claims she didn't do anything she thought was out of bounds and that she was just following district policy.

"That was a top down scheme. We didn't create it," said Diggs.  "It was nothing ever questioned because it was across the board.  Elementary, middle and high school principals, all across the board.">

In the investigation, State Auditor Dave Yost said school staffers believed they had to manipulate data or face consequences.  He also said administrators encouraged it.

At Tuesday's meeting Diggs had backing from parents who showed up to support her.

People also spoke for former principal Tiffany Chavers.

"I don't know if it's true or false, but one thing I know, she was a phenomenal woman," said pastor L.B. Towns.  Towns adds Chavers was "concerned about our youth and was concerned about implementing academics; pushing them forward."

Chavers and Diggs will now have to appeal their firings in the court.

The Columbus City School Board also accepted the resignation of Mifflin High School principal Jonathan Stevens in connection with the data manipulation investigation.

Independence High School principal Christopher Qualls submitted his resignation March 4.

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