Fire Officials Call Lancaster Camp Ground Fire 'Suspicious'


Lancaster fire officials were trying to determine the exact cause of a fire that left four cottages damaged late Thursday evening.

According to fire officials on Friday, the fire, located at the historic Lancaster Camp Ground, was being considered suspicious because it started in an empty home that did not have electricity.

Two cottages were destroyed in the fire and two others were damaged.

Cher Davis, a witness said, “You just kind of stood there and just watched because you didn't know what else to do."

No one was inside of the cottages when the fire sparked off of Fair Avenue, but two families did live in two of the cottages.

Marc Littrell’s parents lived in one of those cottages and did not think there would be anything left of his parents’ home.

"I didn't think there'd be anything left so, surprising how much was actually here" Littrell said.

Littrell and his family salvaged what they could from their family cottage.  Luckily, many keepsakes were spared.

The house itself will probably not be saved.

Littrell is just thankful that his family was not in the cottage when the fire broke out.

"It could of been a lot worse if it was in the summertime and my mom was actually here."

"I’m just thankful that no one was got hurt. Blessed, we’ve got a lot of people helping us so I think we're going to be just fine."

The Red Cross stepped in to help the families who are now homeless.

One firefighter suffered minor injuries while fighting the fire.

According to its website, the Lancaster Camp Ground was founded in 1878 and contains multiple historic buildings including a hotel.