Fire Investigators Believe Ruptured Gas Line Caused House To Explode


Fire investigators were back at the scene of an east side house explosion on Tuesday.

According to fire officials, a house exploded shortly after 8 p.m. in the 2900 block of East 7th Avenue.

Crews on Tuesday said that they believed a ruptured gas line was to blame for the explosion.

Alexandria King survived the explosion.

She said that one minute, everything was fine, and the next, her house was caving in around her.

“I was walking from my mom and dad’s room to the bathroom, and the whole house just collapses,” King said.”

King’s aunt, Cheryl Foster, said that her niece was completely caught off guard.

"She said she didn’t hear the explosion, she just felt it,” Foster said. ‘She felt a rock. She didn’t even know it was her house that shook.”

King said that she lived with her parents and said that it was a blessing that they were away on vacation or more lives would have been at risk.

Family members said that the homeowner’s mother recently suffered a stroke and that if she had been inside of the house, she would have died.

King was home alone when the house exploded.

“She got out with her life,” Foster said. “We’re grateful. We’re grateful. This is a blessing for our family.”

King said that she was mourning a family pet that died in the blast.

Fire officials continued to investigate.

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