Finding Ways To Stay Healthy At The 10TV Health And Fitness Expo

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10TV's 5th annual Health and Fitness Expo kicked off Saturday with another round of visitors hoping to discover new ways to stay healthy.

With programs in hand and empty bags ready for free giveaways, Columbus resident Faye Oney and Dublin resident Gay Eberhart came to the expo with their health in mind.

"It's my number one priority," Oney said.

After checking out a fitness demonstration, the ladies took advantage of some free health screenings.

Health professionals checked their BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.

"As life progresses, there are certain conditions that can develop and knowing those numbers and what your targets are is very important," said Marla Samide, Giant Eagle Clinical Pharmacist Coordinator.

Eberhart took part in the screenings because she refuses to take her health for granted.

Eberhart's life was saved by an organ donor when she received a new heart in 2000.

"I just caught a virus at the age of 42 and had to have a heart transplant," she said. "I received it within 45 minutes of being listed. I was very, very fortunate."

Eberhart wanted to visit the various booths and vendors at the 10TV Health and Fitness Expo to find the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"It keeps you living longer," she said.

The expo is not just for adults. Kids have the chance to take part in hands-on activities such as a climbing wall, sports games and an obstacle-jumping inflatable called the "Eliminator."

"It's really fun and so exciting," said Laterriana Higgins, an 11-year-old from Columbus.

While the kids learned about active ways to have fun Saturday, their parents had the chance to watch cooking demonstrations from celebrities like Subway's Jared Fogle or learn about the dangers of distracted driving at the Maria's Message booth.

Visitors to the Expo on Sunday will get the opportunity to meet celebrity guests such as legendary rocker Bret Michaels and sports legends Scoonie Penn and Archie Griffin along with former OSU football coaches Earle Bruce and John Cooper.

There really is something for people wanting to commit to be fit, people like Eberhart and Oney.

"You only get one body so you might as well take care of it," Oney said.