Final Defendant Of 18-Person Telemarketing Scam Sentenced To 4 Years

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A man who was part of an 18-person telemarketing scheme was sentenced on Monday.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office says Roger VanDoren III was sentenced to four years in prison.

The Ohio-based scam targeted victims in 41 states, according to prosecutors.

VanDoren and his co-defendants took advantage of predominantly elderly victims who had inexpensive vacant land across the country.

They would call the property owners and tell them that the value of the land had increased dramatically. They would convince the property owners to send money to complete a non-existent sale of the land.

Some people lost as much as $16,000.

The scam started in 2007 in Ohio, and it's estimated the group took more the $2.8 million in the criminal endeavor.

Here's a list of the other sentences in the case:

Theodore Thomas
3-1-13; F1 (Engaging in a Pattern of Corrupt Activities)
Six years

Jessica Gutierrez
7-24-2012; F2 (Conspiracy)
Four years

Samuel Acevedo
12-10-12; F2 (Engaging in a Pattern of Corrupt Activities)
Three years

Albert Smith
8-27-2012; F2 (Engaging in a Pattern of Corrupt Activities)
Three years

Michael Northcutt
11-13-12; F3, F4 (Conspiracy, Grand Theft)
28 months

Quincy Austin
1-22-13; F4, F5 (Grand Theft and Telemarketing Fraud)
18 months

Alton Kessler
5-25-13; F3, F5 (Theft, Telemarketing Fraud)
15 months

Robert "Ben" Salafia
12-10-12; F3 (Conspiracy)
12 months

Allen Cannon
12-11-12; F4, F5 (Telecommunications Fraud, Telemarketing Fraud)
12 months

Michael Sweigart
11-13-12; F3 (Conspiracy)
12 months

Chris Fregapane
5-20-13; F3 (Telecommunications Fraud)
9 months

Colin Hansford
12-11-12; F3, F4 (Conspiracy, Telecommunications Fraud)
6 months in a drug treatment facility

Ashley Green
2-11-13; F4 (Telecommunications Fraud)
Community Control

Stephen Grannan
2-1-13; F3, F5 (Complicity to Telecommunications Fraud and Complicity to Telemarketing Fraud)
Community Control

Justin Jones
1-10-13; F3, F4 (Complicity to Telecommunications Fraud and Complicity to Grand Theft)
Community Control

Kara Thomas
12-10-12; F3, F4 (Conspiracy, Telecommunications Fraud)
Community Control

Michael Perry
12-10-12; F3 (Conspiracy)
Community Control