Federal Authorities Step In To Help Marysville Police Investigate Credit Card Thefts


Marysville police are dealing with dozens of credit card thefts, and in one case, nearly 20 credit cards were skimmed in one weekend from one bank.

Federal authorities have now stepped in to help the local police department investigate.

Last week, nine people reported becoming victims of a credit card skimming scam. Now, police said there are more than 30 victims total.

Police are working closely with the Secret Service to try to bring the scam to an end.

For Marysville resident Amy Boerger, it started with a warning call from her bank.

“He said, ‘Are you in Michigan using your debit card right now?’” Boerger said. “And I’m like, ‘No, I’m not.’”

She said her bank told her that someone had hacked into her account and gone shopping.

Later, Boerger found out that she was one of 18 customers from the same WECU bank who became victims of theft.

Police said that someone skimmed or electronically stole from the people’s credit or debit cards.

“It was taken within 45 minutes when they started using those numbers,” Boerger said. “Within 45 minutes they used $700.”

Boerger said that she works two jobs and has a number of bills, and that the lost money meant a lot to her.

Trisha Dearwester, who said she also was a victim, said that she went through the same ordeal with her bank.

“I’m responsible for my mortgage, responsible for my bills, I need to make sure I have money for food from my kids,” Dearwester said.

Dearwester said criminals tried to steal $250 from her, before her bank, PNC stepped in.

“It is frightening, because I rely on my bank account to be where I expect it to be so that my bills are paid,” Dearwester said.

To top it off, she said that her son, Dylan, also became a victim less than a week later.

“I felt like a violation of my privacy because it’s my credit card,” Dylan Dearwester said.

Dylan said he wants all of his money back.

Police said they wanted to remind people to be diligent and check their credit and debit card statements often. Anyone who sees anything suspicious is asked to report it to his or her bank and police.

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