Fear Of Crime Causing Neighbors To Join Forces


It's the fear of an increase in crime that caused neighbors in Licking County to form block watch groups.

Licking County resident Kim Workman said she moved to the Shalimar neighborhood in Licking County more than a dozen years ago for some peace and quiet. But, she said that changed one day in February.

“It's a bullet hole in my cedar siding. It stopped because of the block foundation of my house,” said Workman.

She said seeing that bullet hole prompted her to take action, “to save my family, to make sure they're safe, to make sure my neighbors are safe.”

The very next day, Workman said she passed out flyers to start a block watch and had an immediate response. She said a third of her neighborhood is already actively participating.

“So, we could be putting our eyes and ears together to stop whatever might be coming into our neighborhood,” said Workman.

The Shalimar block watch is the latest of eight block watch groups to be put together in Licking County.

The deputy who's spear-heading the effort says they’re open to any neighborhood in the county. In fact, he says two more are in the works to be established.

“I want to make the community more aware of what's going on, what's going on in their surroundings,” said Dep. Rob Barr, with the Licking County Sheriff’s Office.

Barr said it's important for people to report anything suspicious, keep their houses well lighted and to check on any neighbors.

Workman said she embraced the advice.  

“If it stops that person from pulling in, and harming myself or one of my neighbors, then it's not wasted time at all,” said Workman.

Barr suggests people interested in starting a block watch in Licking County to contact him the Sheriff’s Department at 740-670-5555.

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