Fayette County Officials Will See If They Can Save Troubled Nursing Home

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Fayette County Commissioners plan to meet Tuesday to see what they can do to save Carlton Manor.

Last week, the state says it found numerous issues and proposed revoking its license.

“Some of the people I take care, I've known forever", says Shiloh Raypole a Nursing Assistant at The Manor.

It’s a job she'll lose next month, if the state shuts it down.

“Morale has gone down - residents are upset", she says

The Ohio Department of Health says the health and safety of residents are at risk.

Investigators say there were reports of sexual assaults and abuse in the home, but workers say those claims were never substantiated.

“I feel like there's a huge misconception about the whole place", she says.

That's why one of the nurses started a Facebook page called "Save the Manor."
She asked 10TV not reveal her identity because she still works here.

“This site was designed to let them hear the other side of the story," she says.

The other story, she says, is the unique care this nursing home provides - something she says is rare in Ohio.

“These are people that no one is willing to take care of, she says because many suffer from psychiatric problems and some are sex offenders.

What's next for Carlton Manor is to appeal the state's decision, workers here say what forced this facility to close wasn't about the level of care-- it was about the lack of financial support from the former property owner.

“I've seen a group of people who did everything in their power to change but didn't have the support to do it,” says a nurse who asked reveal her identity

As for people like Shilo Raypole, she wants to one thing.

“Why can't somebody help us?” she says.

She says she can't imagine not coming to work here. Here she says, people aren't just residents…

“They're your family,” says Raypole.

Last week, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) told Carlton that they are terminating the provider agreement and will no longer reimburse for Medicare or Medicaid residents after February 16 on the federal level. Also last week, the Ohio Department of Health proposed to revoke the facility's license on the state level.

These actions come after months of very serious and repeated violations of state rules and federal regulations for nursing facilities.

There is a relocation team made up of multiple state agencies working to ensure that residents can choose a new facility that provides the level of care they deserve.